I would LOVE to write a post……

……….but I have this LITTLE thing called homework due in 12 hours, my lunch and dinner and snacks to make, workout clothes and shower stuff to pack, a book to read, and my room and BED is sooooo messy that I’ve had to sleep on the couch………and I barely have room for me to even get in my car! So I should probably get off of here and Facebook and do that stuff!!! And I haven’t gotten to watch The Biggest Loser or any of my other shows in 6 weeks, so I have years of tv to catch up with………on a different day! Uhhh my stressful life! This isn’t even half of what I need to accomplish by the end of this week! I need to sit, think, and prioritize my life. Counseling and Bible Study should help me focus! Ah lord……stuff to do……stuff to do…..

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