I’m Shaving MY Head AGAIN to Raise Money for Cancer!!!!!!

Hey, it’s Ariel LaGrange!

You may have known that 2 years ago I shaved my head to raise money for childhood cancer research. Well, I was SO TOUCHED by the doing the shaving among cancer survivors and by the people around me who donated that I decided to do it AGAIN!!!!! I raised $2,200 in March 2008 and I’ve raised the bar to $3,000 for this year! I’m REALLY hoping to reach or even EXCEED my goal!

But I CAN’T do this alone!!! So far I’m at $500 with ONLY 2 months left on March 14, 2010!!!! SCARY!!! :/ It will be at 4th Street LIVE! again! If you weren’t able to attend before, put it on your calenders! It’s a HUGE event that goes all day, Fox News will be there, they’ll have a GIANT stage with about 20 people shaving a a time! It’s one of the most touching events I’ve ever been to, I even volunteered last year!

I know we’re ALL having hard times with money right now, but think of the lives you can help change by donating! Any amount, I mean ANY amount you can do will help me get closer to my goal! I know we all have tough times on our plates, but just think of the families struggling with cancer and how MUCH harder things are for them financially, emotionally, and spiritually!

ALL donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! You’ll get a letter in the mail if you submit a form or donate EASILY online!

If your business can donate, that would REALLY help!! And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, tell, call, text, facebook, or email this to your friends!

Thank you, GOD BLESS!!!!!
Ariel LaGrange

To Donate Click Here


or visit http://www.stbaldricks.org and type in Ariel LaGrange in the search!


2 thoughts on “I’m Shaving MY Head AGAIN to Raise Money for Cancer!!!!!!”

  1. Ariel, thank you so much for promoting St. Baldrick’s. We are proud to count you as a member of the St. Baldrick’s family. With your help, we are a few hairs closer to conquering kids’ cancer! Congratulations on raising $845 so far!

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