I’m SO Happy and SO Blessed!!!!

I’m just having a great day! I’ve been sad a lot this week, but some WONDERFUL things are happening in my life! Here’s my exciting week…..

I’ve made some AMAZING friends since the start of this school year. I’m the happiest I’ve been since high school! I LOVE my friend groups and I don’t know….they just make me really happy. I LOVE all my boy friends that I have! And I’ve made some really GREAT girl friendships!!! *Megan especially*

I’ve been teaching Hip Hop at Derby Dinner and it’s been REALLY fun and they’re paying me REALLY well!!!!! I REALLY appreciate it because I’m STRUGGLING with money right now!

Monday, I taught cycling to the NA girls soccer team and there were only 4 girls. We did “The Bankhead Bounce” and “Bye Bye Bye” on the bikes, then we got off and did Hip Hop Hustle for 15 mins! They wanna do it again! Then Trevor and I did Pants on Da Ground in Hip Hop at LAC………:)

Then Tues. morning I got a message from a reporter, Farrah Johnson, for the New Albany Tribune asking me if she could do a profile story on me!!!! So last night she interviewed me on why I’m shaving my head and she also just asked a lot about me. I think it’s going to be a GREAT story and I hope I send a great message! So grab The New Albany Tribune this weekend….it may possibly be the beginning of next week, she’ll tell me. And the photographer took a bunch of pictures of me at the Y! Super PUMPED!

Wed. I taught Body Pump and it was AWEEEEESOME and REALLY fun! And a lot of people took my flyers for St. Baldrick’s. And Bible Study was REALLY good. Changed my perspective.

Thurs. I ALMOST finished my painting….I still have work to do on Angel’s face, but her mouth is almost right! 🙂 Then she came over for a sleepover and we watched the Birdcage and talked a bunch.

Today, I’m lookin pretty cute…..until I head to the Y! And I got $190 donations today!!!! So I’m now at $965….ALMOST a Third of the way there!!! 🙂 I hope with the newspaper article and announcement in the church bulletin that I’ll get the word out!


I teach Body Pump in a little while and I’m REALLY excited because I haven’t done the release in Jeff and my friend Kyle is coming with friends! Then tonight is the highlighter party……I might go.

Monday, we’re going to dress up for Hip Hop in 80’s at LAC! 🙂

Tuesday I go to the Hoosiers for HIgher Education conference! I get to miss class and I’m really excited about going! Then Thurs. I’m going with Johann….my new friend….to talk at First Year Seminar classes about joining SPC!

And I’m currently working on the Chancellor’s Medallion Award….It’s a $3,000 scholarship for seniors with GREAT grades and service!

Then later this month, I’m teaching 3 Fitness classes at IUS for 2 sororities and the Student Program Council!

And Valentine’s Day Angel and I are going to see Precious!!!! If it’s still there……if not, we’re having a date! Maybe I’ll ACTUALLY get to see my IUS commercial and say, THAT’S ME!!!!!!!

So I’m HAPPY about life! And I FINALLY got an appointment to the doctor!

Oh, and Feb. 12th, I babysit for Erin…I’ll babysit for the rest of the year, I’m going to get 2 tattoos……one on my wrist that says, God is on your side, and one on my finger that says, STOP, to help me prevent behaviors that take me away from God. I feel, my body is my temple and I’m going to decorate it so I’m reminded of God and that I need to live my life for Him.
Then that night I’m going to see Jeremy Camp and The Afters at Graceland Baptist Church!!!!

Okay…….I’m done! 🙂


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