So I Had a Dream…………

In it, I kept eating, lots of Peanut Butter……not fun, but beyond that……..

I dreamed we were on a vacation and staying in a condo we had bought, it was HUGE, but I was locking the doors and stuff to my room, bathroom and area because it was kinda like a hotel where people were just walking outside of my room and could come in if I didn’t lock it. So I was locking the doors and there were people trying to get in and hurt me, they later turned into vampires. The locks worked for a while, then they broke off and they were able to come in.

For some reason my little computer room had 3 doors all next to each other so it was almost impossible to keep them all closed and attempt to keep them locked when they were trying to break in. I had a little eye hole where I could see them and I was standing on a chair tryin g to watch and keep it closed.

Then the doors broke down and there were these little white things at the top of the doors, they kinda looked like they may have been smoke alarm, but there were the size and shape of the key chains that lock cars. I for some reason pressed the little clear button in the middle that had a green light and it turned red. I backed away from the door because they had broken in and then this red light started shooting all over the room from the buttons I pressed. It looked like the lights from a scanner at a cash register.

The lights were searching the room and zeroed in on the vampires. They got brighter and more intense. Then the vampires whole body started to turn red from their feet to their head and then the vaporized!!!!!

It turns out, it was some type of alarm system that has just gotten installed to killed intruders. For some reason, when they installed before we got there, ther had put my name and my finger print, eye color, and DNA in the alarm system so that it would know to protect me. And for some reason the alarm system was called, Billie.

I told me family and different times people kept trying to get in the house and it would vaporize them. Now my family was not programed……..I was the only one, so I’d come in the room if the alarm was turned on and tell Billie to not kill whoever was in the room.

Then the family who had been there before left us a BUNCH of presents! In everyone’s rooms, there was a stack of about 30 pairs of shoes and then other presents. I for some reason had more…..I don’t know why I had been singled out….I guess because I’m awesome…..but there were like 25 pairs of every color, design, and material in boots!!!!!! I had like crotched boots! It was HEAVEN!!!!!! I remember one pair that was black, went up to my knees, with huge lime green designs up the sides and fastened together. BEAUTIFUL!

While we were looking at the shoes, Billie lit up, and I was able to see outside of our buildingmiles away. Not only was it an alarm system, but it was like a superhero and was showing me if something bad was going to happen.

It was on the highway that goes from Louisville to Indiana and showed a ton of traffic on the ramps and this semi was going like 100 mph and was shaking back and forth…….it was going to take out every car on the bridge. So I told Billie to stop that truck.

Billie like teleported me to the bridge and yelled at Billie to stop it and there was a guy on a motorcycle next to the semi……..can’t remember if they were together or not. But the truck flipped over and got caught on the side of the bridge, then it ripped and fell through the bridge and tok the guy on the motorcycle and one other car, but Billie and I stopped the rest of the traffic.

So although 3 people died, we were able to saved thousands of others.

I know……….weird dream…….Billie was good, but he was there to protect me and who I asked….not neccessarily everyone.

So I think that type of alarm system should be installed to protact people….from vampires…….haha…jk. You can program whole families in there, we just hadn’t done it yet.

So………I hope I have more dreams like this. Minus the eating.


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